technic : mineral paint on lime

titlte : metamorphose

size : about 15  x 3.50


commissioned by the bijenkorf , to be seen at customerservice 

the idea is to portray the mentality of the rotterdammer(no-nonsense and hard working)merging into the shapes of well-known buildings in the city.. the total image has the shape of a butterfly as a symbol of renewal 






four school yards 




titlte :vrijheid, vrede,

vriendschap ,vertrouwen


size : space around the four schools







the assignment was to clarify the confusion that existed with the different entrances of the schools and to make it a nice, usable,safe environment that everyone can be happy with



together with the children and people from the area we have given the squares names ( freedom,peace, friendship,trust )

with these thoughts we have made drawings...., I have translated this into organic game forms on the square

in the evening small lights go on between the tiles, a kind of starry sky shines up







safe elements have been made in the same round shapes,such as a sandbox,play hill...

although it was an assignment,  here a very high degree of freedom in design was given in a very nice collaboration










entrance and interior


title : bookmark



size : entrance, corridors,

 6 elevator doors, hanging lamps , wall lighting , walls,ceiling


at the entrance the pained image forms a whole with the ceiling.

the theme of the bookmark can alsobe seen here

in the ceiling LED lights can be seen as small bright spots.

the image ( that symbolizes : knowledge is power ..) enters into the library with you.

when you walk out side it looks at you ..








the challenge was to inspire people to walk into the library.

and ones inside , to provide clarity in an attractive way where everything is


I took the bookmark as a thought .

in dutch this word ( bookmark ) means something that gives direction ,or kan mean: page/wise , or it is the same word for leaf 

so this became the symbol I used 


 the blades on the doors  of the lift point the  point up or down 





through the corridors,lighting leads you further upwards.

speciallydesigned , hanging lamps and wall lamps with the same theme


maat bv



cut-out forms


the forms are made of cement panel

the monumental forms can stand outside or inside .

painted with special homemade mineral paint they can withstand wind and weather.

the images can be attached to something but can also stand independently in the space.






tittle : morgenwandeling

size : 12 m x 4 m

technic :mineral paint on concrete panel 

the wallpainting was restored in may/june 2019,almost 20 years afte its creation (more information about the story in the hall : life and work (2)

many local residents from them have moved

also the new neighbours embrace the painting.

it is importantto live in an environment that makes us happy




at the famous glass blower in leerdam the design for the Uitblinker is made 

mar-jon received this assignment from the municipality.

it had to be an annual change cup.

a prize for the best horeca(hospitality business) firm.

every year the name of the winner was engraved in the cup.

the idea is the colors of the flag of the city and the shapes symbolize plate, glass and human.

statue -image


for ghana


the city of hoorn in north hollandhad commissioned artists to paint concrete horses( among others rob scholte ) 

these were exhibited in the city .

later they were auctioned.

the proceeds are for a children's home in ghana




roller shutters

lamp shop


size : approx 10 x 2.50

four outside sutters


technic : oilpaint and varnish


the order for the shutters comes from the interpreneur from the lamp shop in the centre of vlaardingen.

the idea is to make the look positive and to show in a funny way which shop is behind the shutters when they are closed.




Distilleerderij van toor


augustus 2021

size: 70 vierkante meter

dit kunstwerk wil ons omarmen

het is alsof je in een kijkdoos ( vallei) loopt 

 de schildering is aan beide kanten en laat ons zien wat we er in willen zien , steeds een ander beeld ontdekkend 

het licht speelt met de verdikkingen in de verf en historische muur 

een spel van licht en schaduw ontstaat , het beeld lijkt te bewegen

bezichtigen mogelijk indien open of op afspraak