Distilleerderij van toor


augustus 2021

size: 70 vierkante meter

dit kunstwerk wil ons omarmen

het is alsof je in een kijkdoos ( vallei) loopt 

 de schildering is aan beide kanten en laat ons zien wat we er in willen zien , steeds een ander beeld ontdekkend 

het licht speelt met de verdikkingen in de verf en historische muur 

een spel van licht en schaduw ontstaat , het beeld lijkt te bewegen

bezichtigen mogelijk indien open of op afspraak 




7 x2 meter 


the abstract forms can be anything , a person , landscapes, sun , ball, head , you can see what you like , make your own story , change your vieuw , so this art grows with you 




title : morgenwandeling

size : 12 m x 4 m 


year of cretion : 2000

year of restoration: 2019 


painting commissioned by municipality and local residents with the aim of improving the living environment .

home of the eagle

begur -spain


size : 14 m x 3 m

 a stone eagle onthe facade of the house.

the idea had to be his house of freedom and the history of his life in which he met many special and famous people.

mar-jon worked and lived here 2 months.

every morning the neighbor waved from his roof and shouted : ola !

the cat that lived in the house sat close to her all day when she was painting.

natural paint and protective coating  

magnification of the mural( based on  the figures of the night watch by rembrandt.

(see more information at hall 2 & 6 )

these two brothers have been a modelin 2000, so now adult men. they sometimes go there en look again. 

one little girl on the left , the place rembrandt putted the little girl, died while painting the work in 2000, so for this it will also be special 







titlte : bookmark

size :4m x 3 m


painting the ceiling for the entrance library in the workshop and drilling holes for the LED lighting 





tittle: matamorphose

size : approx 15 x 3.50


well-known department store the bijenkorf at the customer service ( more information at hall 2 and 6) 





commissined work

 tittle: wall of fame

size :10 m x 3.50 m 

technic ;pictures on cut-out forms


the wall is for honouring the farmers who deliver there food to oerlemans

the forms are not directly on the wall , there is space in between .. so an airy playfull thing to see





bolton group


wc eend ( toilet duck)


size : 5 m x 3 m

technic : homemade natural paint on wallpaper commissioned work


company representing the world wide toilet duck in holland 

this is also the theme of the work.

model is leda and the swan from michaelangelo, this is always coming back in a different environment.








private home


wallpaper (one out of serie)


tittle: feeling small- standing tall(one)

(two is in exhibition naarden )


size : 5 m x 3 m 

technic : tempera paint 


bright colors , big forms telling about daily life 

it is possible to send and glue it on the wall yourself or I can come to you to do this 


dentist practice




mural painting -paper 

technic : natural paint ( feeling points)

size : 2 m x 2m 


commissioned work

but a big freedom in idea and elaboration

the painting is on paper made in the studio .., later it glued on the wall

you can feel the painting with your eyes closed ,because it has thik dots of paint in some kind of pattern 

it is a mouth like a landscape( cave ) you can walk in 






fresco in wet lime 


private collection


size : 3 m x 3 m 

tittle : the trinity( drie eenheid ) 


this real fresco is painted in wet lime with pure pigments 

the fresh lime is applied to the wall in a form 

mar-jon worked alone in the private house so she could concentrate on the work and work at the right moment as the lime could suck up the pigments .

the lime and paint then form a unit .

the sketch is still available in the collection .






-tsjech republic

(lucas 1)

private collection



(lucas 2)


private collection


serie : 1 and 2  out of serie from 4


size : approx 150 x 120 

technic :mural painting on paper 


discription of a story of all times, forming its own story

the paper can be glued on the wall like a wallpainting 

can be send in a tube 








private home 


size : approx 3 m x 4 m 

technic : natural home made paint directly on wall

tittle : carpe diem 


mar-jon worked on the mural while the residents were not there 

she prepared 3 weeks and worked on it 3 weeks on assignment 

the clients already had a bit of an idea 







diner/party room





tittle : t'hof ( the park)

size :  approx 3.50 m x 4 m

technic : natural home made paint 

directly on the wall


the client already had an idea , they wanted the park outside in this dining /party room on the wall.

as if what is outside is also inside 











costs :160 euro per day 

excl . VAT,material and travel costs 

to make a work is mostly 2 or three days 


we agree this in advance on paper

half is paid in advance /the other half immidiately after the work done  





children's room 




tittle : dikkertje dap 

size : approx 3 m x 3 m 

technic : natural paint 

directly on the wall 


commissioned work , there was already an idea , image of " dikkertje dap" on the stairs ..  mar-jon changed an illustration from a book 











office camping 

hoek van holland 


size : 2.50m x 2 m

technic : tempera paint 

directly on the wall


idea of a beach house was already  given 

mar-jon made something special of it to use the ugly door that was already there and turned it into something with humor 









private home 



size : 3m x 2 m

technic : tempera on dry lime wall 


private home , a house by the water ,







6 m x 2.50 m

minerale natural paint  












private house 



size : 2m x 2m 

technic : tempera on dry lime wall


the idea of the beach was already there ,same house 

they wanted to keep it very simple 

but because of the beautiful paint it has a lovely radiance  




private home




mural painting -paper


size : 1m x 1m 

serie : out of beach serie 

technic : tempera on wallpaper 

price : 250 euro inclusive tax 


seagull from beach collection 

it can be glued on the wall 

looks like a real wallpainting  








of the wooden posts

on the beach