in the beginning ....

there was...


 what is coming ..?



here to see some works of mar-jon out of her leading series

there is a lot of her art in private collections, autonoom works and commissined.

some works can not be found anymore.. those will be a mystery

some works are in stock .. there are to many to show them all here .., but you can contact her and see them in her studio 

In the beginning mar-jon worked surrealistic, realistic.

later her language develloped to an other level .

a unique way to show the world of thoughts and changes..,

the life personal and in total connection









te koop

te huur 

betalen bij ophalen



for sale

to rent 

collect and pay





















 la divina commedia



in the first part 14th century, the florentine poet dante alighieri discribed his travelling through inferno, purgatorio and paradiso.

a difficult queste that ends when he is arriving into the divine light .


"nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita mi ritrovai per una selva oscura che la diritta via era smarrita  ahiquanto a dir qual era e sosa dura esta selvaggia e aspra forte che nel pensier rinova paura.


this poem:" in the middle of my years I found myself lost in the dark woods ..."


has the same idea of things connected and the path we have to go 


this is the leading theme in the 7 paintings of this serie 

sold - in private collection 


150 x 120 

tempera - canvas


sold - in private collection 

songs of dawn 1

150 x 120

tempera - canvas

sold - in private collection

songs of dawn 2

150 x 120

tempera - canvas

sold - in collectie BAM

the essence of being 

150 x 120

tempera - canvas

for sale - in stock

the promise 

150 x 120 

tempera - canvas


for sale - in stock

untouchable approach

170 x220





timeless dream



in endless sleep,...what to make,

of living words,....bright colours,

shining on a sandy shore.

why can't happy thoughts dissapear,so filled up

with the sound of the sea....overflowing


the bodies of women from which new life arises seem to float directly under a crystal clear watersurface shone upon by the sun.

visibly but not tangibly in another world of blue-green-orange shades,waiting for a sign to awake.

those paintings are made on a skin of big self made stamps and self made tempera paint.

the colours and forms lead the un-looker into this world that can change all the time.




remember-believe-the idea,forget-beware-nothing=everything.., always


  5 paintings in this serie are sold

human beings are surrounded by daily life.

there is nothing, but at the same time there is everything we need to survive, to be happy with, 

It is the way it is ...

abstraction and figuration are coming  together into a reality 

movable fresco



facinated by murals in pompei & herculaneum,are real frescos made in wooden boxes.

mar-jon worked day and night on them

this was nessesary because the wet concrete has to dry to a point that it would absorb the natural pigments. and sometimes this proces happened to be in the middle of the night

.mar-jon always loved the colours of a fresco.

the pigments make a connection with the mortel and give a radiance no paint can do.

all colours can come together in harmony



  human and nature





inspiration marino marini 



this is a serie that is still growing, new ideas coming up

every time mar-jon visits florence she makes scetches from scuptures of marino marini, something is having her fasination.., every time she sees it different , but the main thing is she is just enjoying making them while finding a new way to communicate in art.

florence stole her hart, some good friends are living there.. two of them died

-in 2010 raimondo riaci,a famous sculpyure and director of artschool, whey were planning a project in his homeland libanon as he passed away

- in 2018 romano stefanelli her inspirator and working example  in frescopaining ,such a great man also ..they will live on in there work







for all things

are sudden flashes,



reality's , abstractions 

shining bright




those paintings are made in swiss, close to the lake of geneve

may be this beautiful environment gave a special radiance that you can see in those oilpaintings on canvas

anyway mar-jon had the possibility here of having a deep concentration and could be free of common things.

so because of this , different ways of seeing could flow in to each other.

first you can notice one thing, 

then after a while you see more and more.

the on-looker is free to change his vision every time, the painting will tell different tales.


in every other time and place..

arc(k) en ciel


 this painting is one on his own.

made with oilpaint on canvas ( 210 x 200 )

here is the beginning of something new in the challange to connect abstraction and reality.

mar-jon finds a new way to express her vision.

one form can have different meanings.

like : it can be a boat and also ribs etc.

the object is not in the water, it is like in the sky.

there are many ways of seeing , just like the un-looker wants to see it.

these things come spontaniously, while mar-jon is working , the colours are strong .

some reproductions were made of this arc(k) en ciel by the community of vlaardingen to give to relations.

the real one is still waiting for a good owner and to be seen in a public building 

delft blue -serie


 shapes, spots, ribbons, 

surrounded by light spaces give a total picture,

which is sometimes static,

then  it flowts through undiscovered territory.

mar-jon gives the a changeable picture.

painting in shades of blue,delicately attuned , for-and background,abstraction/realism, light & dark

are  duelling with and strengthening each other.

the human figures remain recognizable,

partly lost in an airy play of unity and solidarity.




these paintings tell the story about humanity.

mar-jon is still working on them.

they are subtile, but strong.

making decisions we never made before.

do we have a free will ?

does this feel fine or is it disturbing us ?

it might be different for everyone.

 torn out,.... in a sudden hurry.

drops of worry,..kept in hand.

affection, adoration,

for the land   -  of being   -  was meant .

perhaps memories  -  fully wrapped up


mar-jon works in series of mostly six or seven paintings with a central theme.

she doesn't choose this number consciously.

on the one hand this gives figurativily realistic pictures of an italian grandness , warmth and refinement..,and on the other hand abstracted works which seem to have come smoothly.

these pictures fill the whole canvas and the plane divisions melt " imperceptibly".

in the series of abstract paintings with the oval and round organic shapes the human body is still central, but it gets a strong radiation by the use of aquarellistic colours and compact shape.

the figures are on the whole solitary standing  who seem to be  wrapped up in there actions.

stilled and quiet, without making eye-contact with the on-looker, they are absorbed in perhaps memories and contemplations, balancing on the border of dreaming & waking .

 mar-jon is able to give expression to that atmosphere on the abstracted paintings too.

bookmark  -  serie


about personal ID - (identity, idea )

a vergin leaf ( descartes-tabula rasa) that will be written upon

the bookmarker is symbolical of ones own life.

it travels ,as a guide all over the world and leaves signs of pecularities behind.

it adapts itself,gets damaged, recovers, 

  changing structures, colours, shapes,materia.

the project is for understanding mankind,all ideas are good, time and conditions have been changed.

the leaf is showing our connection & can have all shapes & be actively worked on by on-lookers.









there are more silent paintings in this serie 

some on canvas with oil paint 

beautiful apint made with pure piments, mar-jon made herself 

worked on them quietly for a long time 

and some with aquarel on paper 

the paintings give the on-looker a feeling of peace and harmony

the boat are floating olmost above the water

can be anywhere 

what is it telling you , or may be it says nothing ...



just being there 










paintings in stock 


in :


ocean side